Dosage: 200 liters is applied per acre through irrigation water or soil spray.

Required Material:

  • Cow Dung 10 Kg
  • Cow urine 10 Liters
  • Black Jaggery 2 Kg
  • Besan (Chick Pea flour) 2 Kg
  • Plastic Drum 200 Liters Capacity.

Method of Preparation:
Take 200 liters of water in the drum. Add 10 kg of cow dung to it and mix well. Add powdered jiggery and chick pea flour, mix it well. Cover the drum with jute bag and let it ferment for a week by mixing every two days. This mixture can be used within 2-3 days of mixing.

After a week, the microbes develop in this mixture which can be used with irrigation water, sprinkler system or drip system. If a large container is not available, this mixture can be made in the soil by digging a hole enough to hold 200 liters, coating with cow dung and drying for 24 hrs before use.