Various kinds of traps are used in farming to trap insects

a. Pheromone Traps: A pheromone trap is a type of insect trap that uses pheromones to lure insects. Sex pheromones and aggregating pheromones are the most common types used. A pheromone-lure is encased in a conventional trap such as a bottle trap, Delta trap, water-pan trap, or funnel trap. Pheromone traps are used both to count insect populations by sampling, and to trap pests to destroy them. These traps are specific to insect so one has to choose the required ones. read more

b. Sticky Traps: Sticky Traps attract pest insects using a specific color spectrum. They do not require lures or baits. Trapping is the most efficient way to monitor your crop for pest insects. Once the pests are trapped they can be identified and populations monitored to determine when controls are optimally implemented.  Yellow Sticky traps are designed to attract and capture a variety of insects such as aphids, whiteflies, fruit flies, thrips, leaf miners, scales and cucumber beetles.  Blue traps are for thrips only and white ones can be used for Flea beetles, plant bugs.

C. Light Traps: Many night-flying insects are attracted to light. Using this principle light can be used for attracting insects.  The pupae rest in the soil and after adults emerging from the rest after the initial showers are attracted to light source. This property can be used to attract in mass and kill them. The light traps can range from simple bulb with a water trough to collect the insects to solar light traps.  Innovations like using street lights to trap insects are also possible.

1. Traps for capturing insects

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