Panchagavya derives its name for using 5 different products from cow being used. How ever, based on the local availability dung of cow/ox/buffalo can be used. We suggest to use dung or urine preferably from free grazing animals or animals fed on fodder (green and dry) rather than stall fed animals or stall fed animals largely depending on the concentrate feeds.

Dung must be freshly collected and urine can be aged.

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5% or 5 liters in 100 liters of water and spray or supply through irrigation water per acre of rice fields

For other plants – 3% or 3 liters in 100 liters of water

Required Material:

Cattle Dung*                                        5 Kg

Cattle Urine**                                       3 Liters

Curd (yogurt) made from  milk         2 Liters

Cattle Milk                                          2 Liters

Ghee made from cattle milk           ½ kg

Coconut water                                3 Liters

Toddy                                               3 Liters

Ripened Bananas’                          12

Water                                               3 Liters

Black Jaggery                                  1 Kg

Method of Preparation:

Mix ghee and cattle dung. Mix it every morning and evening in a clay pot till you get the ghee smell to the cow dung. On the 5th day mix milk, cow urine, curd, toddy, coconut water and jiggery well. Then mash and add the ripened bananas to this mixture. Secure the opening of the pot or the drum with a cloth to prevent flies and insects. After 15 days, filter the mixture through a muslin cloth. This mixture can be stored and used up to 6 months. If the mixture becomes dry, add some water. Panchagavya is not only enhances plant growth but also prevents plant diseases caused by pathogens. This mixture can be used on all crops and is beneficial on seed beds.