Angular leaf spot

Caused by: Xanthomonas axonopodis pv. malvacearum
Problem Category: Bacterial Disease
Symptoms: Water-soaked spots on leaves which are delimited by leaf veins, giving them an angular appearance; lesions increase in size and turn black and necrotic; leaves drop from the plant; disease may also cause elongated gray-black lesions extending from the leaves to petioles and stem which are known as the "blackarm" phase; severe blackarm symptoms may cause the stem to be girdled; water-soaked lesions may be present on bolls; boll lesions enlarge and become sunken and brown-black in color.
Comments: Disease if often introduced to cotton fields by infested seeds.
Management: The use of resistant cotton varieties is the most effective method of controlling the disease; cultural practices such as plowing crop residue into soil after harvest can also limit disease emergence.
Control: spray 2 times 10%Cowdung+Asafoetida solution in 10 days interval to control the Angular leaf spot
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