Bean Beetle

Caused by: Epilachna varivestis
Problem Category: Insect
Symptoms: Irregular patches of feeding damage on underside of leaves which causes the top surface of the leaf to dry out, giving the leaves a lacy appearance; insect will also damage flowers and small pods; pods may be damaged so badly that they drop from the plant; adult insect is an orange-brown beetle with black spots; larvae are fat-bodied grubs which taper at the end and are in rows of conspicuous spines
Comments: Beetles can decimate bean crops; beetles overwinter as adults and undergo 2-3 generations per year
Management: Some bean varieties may be less attractive hosts for the beetle, e.g. snapbeans are preferred hosts over lima beans; early varieties may escape damage form beetles beetle populations can be reduced by remove overwintering sites such as brush and leaves on the ground; handpick larvae and adults; brush eggs from leaves and destroy; apply insecticidal soap to leaf undersides if infestation is heavy
Control: Spary the chiili garlic extract or 5% Neem seed kernal extract to control bean beetle
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