Bud and Fruit drop

Caused by: Multiple factors
Problem Category: Physiological Problem
Symptoms: Premature button shedding is a very common problem observed on coconut. Buttons can be shed after fertilization and some nuts are shed after setting.
Comments: This is not due to a single cause but may be due to one or more of the following: 1.Excess acidity or alkalinity, 2. Poor drainage facilities, 3.Genetic disorders, 4. Insufficient nutrients particularly boron deficiency 5. Umproper pollination, 6.Hormone deficiency, 7. insect pests or poor management practices
Management: 1. take necessary steps to correct soil pH 2. improve drainage facilities particularly in areas where excessive rainfall occurs, reduce irrigation 3. have a balanced nutrition
Control: Apply boron along with organic manure or compost or gana jeevamrut
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