Cylindrocladium black rot

Caused by: Cylindrocladium crotalariae
Problem Category: Fungal Disease
Symptoms: Leaves on main stem turning chlorotic and wilting; entire plant wilts very rapidly when there is a period of water stress following high moisture; clusters of red-brown fungal bodies occur on on stems, pegs and pods; roots destroyed; roots blackened and shriveled.
Comments: Crops planted early are more susceptible to the disease as they are often exposed to cooler temperatures and higher soil moisture; disease is seed transmitted and also can spread over long distances by wind.
Management: The most effective method to control the disease is to plant peanut varieties that have some resistance to the disease; rotation of crop with nonhost such as corn , cotton or tobacco may help to reduce inoculum in the soil; application of appropriate soil fumigants in heavily infested fields can help to control the disease.
Control: Mix Neem extract,aloevera jel,in 1litre cowurine and add in 10 litres of water before spraying.
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