Caused by: Rhizoctonia solani, Pythium sp.
Problem Category: Fungal Disease
Symptoms: The pathogens attack any stage of crop beginning from seed rot; damping off of seedlings; or stunting, yellowing and death of older plants. Visible symptoms are the appearance of elongated sunken reddish-brown lesions on roots and stems at or below the soil line. Further the lesions girdle the stem, causing the death of the plant. Older plants may show little indication of the disease, although yields may be reduced. The pith may turn brick- red if invaded by the fungus.
Comments: The pathogens are transmitted by irrigation water, soil and equipments.
Management: Follow crop rotation with non host crops. Sow the seeds in warm soil with well prepared seed bed and proper depth. Treat seeds with a suitable fungicide.
Control: spray 2 times Cowdung+Asafoetida solution in 10 days interval.
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