Enation leaf curl

Caused by: Okra Enation Leaf Curl Virus (OELCV)
Problem Category: Viral Disease
Symptoms: On lower surface of leaves we will see a small pin head enations. This enation become warty and rough in structure at later stage. Reduce in leaf size. The stem, lateral branches and leaf petioles become twisted along enation. Leaves appear thick and leathery. In severely infected plants the emerging leaves shows bold enations and curling. And produce few deformed fruits.
Comments: The virus is transmitted by white fly.
Management: 1. Remove the infected plant and burn them to avoid further spread of disease 2. Use yellow sticky traps to monitor whiteflies population 3. If the whiteflies infestation is more spray suitable insecticides.
Control: Spray 10% cow urine extract to control some extent
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