Leafhoppers & planthoppers

Caused by: Nephotettix spp.
Problem Category: Insect
Symptoms: Plants may show no symptoms of leafhopper of planthopper damage; feeding punctures can leave the plants susceptible to bacterial or fungal infections; Insect transmit many rice viruses; if infestations is severe, Insect may cause plant to completely dry out; adults Insect are pale green or brown winged Insect with piercing-sucking mouthparts
Comments: Leaf and planthoppers transmit many rice viruses, including grassy stunt and tungro virus
Management: Rotating crop for a period of one year is an effective and economical method of controlling hopper numbers; natural enemies and predators are often very successful at controlling hoppers and should be conserved by avoiding inappropriate use of insecticides which can damage their populations; planting resistant varieties is a very effective control method; chemical control with an appropriate insecticide may be necessary but should only be applied if the Insect have reached an economic threshold
Control: spray 5% neem seed kernal extract or neemoil or pongamia oil in 1: 4 ratio for control of leaf hopper or plant hopper.
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