Caused by: Platynota stultana
Problem Category: Insect
Symptoms: Leaves of plant rolled and tied together with silk webbing; feeding damage to rolled leaves; defoliation of plant; silk webbing may also be present on fruits and fruits may have substantial scarring from feeding damage; larvae wriggle vigorously when disturbed and may drop from plant on a silken thread.
Comments: Adult insect is a moth which can fly over several miles to find suitable hosts; alfalfa and sugar beet are good hosts.
Management: Monitor plants regularly for signs of infestation; remove weeds from plant bases as they can act as hosts for leafrollers; avoid planting pepper in areas where sugarbeet or alfalfa are grown nearby; Bacillus thuringiensis or Entrust SC may be applied to control Insect on organically grown plants; apply sprays carefully to ensure that treatment reaches inside rolled leaves.
Control: use milk+ trichoderma viridae for seed treatmentand also spray milk after 20DAS
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