Maize dwarf mosaic

Caused by: Maize dwarf mosaic virus (MDMV)
Problem Category: Viral Disease
Symptoms: Chlorotic spots and streaks on leaves which develop into a mottled or mosaic pattern; susceptible plants may be stunted; ear formation and development cease; mosaic and mottling with no red discoloration are characteristic symptoms of the disease.
Comments: Virus is transmitted by more than 15 different species of aphid and is passed to the plant from the insect in seconds to minutes of feeding; sorghum is also a major host of the virus.
Management: Many commercial corn hybrids are highly tolerant of the disease and no control is needed; control aphid populations on plants and remove any Johnson grass growing in the vicinity as it can act as a reservoir for the virus.
Control: Mix 6 litres milk in 100 litres water in 10 days interval spray two times to control mosaic virus
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