Pepper weevil

Caused by: Anthonomus eugenii
Problem Category: Insect
Symptoms: Feeding damage to foliage, buds and tender young fruit pods; larvae feed within buds and fruit; older fruit misshapen and discolored; buds and fruit may drop from plant; adult weevil is a small black beetle; larvae are small cream-white grubs with brown heads which can reach 0.6 cm (0.25 in) in length when mature.
Comments: Weevil will go through multiple generations per year; pepper preferred host but weevil will feed on other plants in the nightshade family also.
Management: Remove any nightshade plants growing in close proximity to pepper; immediately remove any dropped fruit from soil surface; if pepper weevil becomes problematic, rotate crop the following year; organically acceptable control methods include sprays of pyrethrin; destroy pepper crop residue immediately after harvest.
Control: Spary the chiili garlic extract or 5% Neem seed kernal extract to control weevil damage
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