Powdery mildew

Caused by: Erysiphe cichoracearum
Problem Category: Fungal Disease
Symptoms: Powdery white patches which appear initially on lower leaves but which may spread to all above-ground parts of plants; white patches turn gray in color and black fungal fruiting bodies are visible; severely infected leaves may turn yellow and dry up
Comments: Conditions which favor the development of the disease mach those that are favorable for the host plant; disease emergence is favored by periods of high humidity where leaves remain dry
Management: Allow adequate spacing between plants to promote good air circulation around foliage; plant sunflowers in an area that receives full sun for most of the day; remove and destroy all sunflower crop debris after harvest; applications of appropriate foliar fungicides can help control the disease but care should be taken as some labels do not allow seeds from treated plants to be used as food or feed
Control: Spray 6 litre Fermented butter milk to control the powdery mildew
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