Rice gall midge

Caused by: Orseolia oryzae
Problem Category: Insect
Symptoms: Gall midge maggot bore into bud or stalk of rice plant and feeds on internal content which leads to formation of tubular gall at the base of the tillers. This leads to elongation of leaf sheath which is commonly called as silver shoot or onion shoot. The leaves will be wilted, deformed and curled up.
Comments: It is common during tillering stage of rice crop.
Management: Grow available gall midge resistant cultivars. Follow proper cultural practices like crop rotation, ploughing the ratoon crop and other alternative hosts, planting early etc. Use light traps to attract adult flies and kill them. Conserve biocontrol agents in rice field.
Control: Spray 5% Neemastram or vavilaku kashyam to control the gall midge damage
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