Stem rot

Caused by: Magnaporthe salvinii
Problem Category: Fungal Disease
Symptoms: Symptoms generally begin to appear after the mid tillering stage; black lesions appear on outer leaf sheath at the water-line; lesions expand and begin to infect inner leaf sheaths and culm begins to rot; infections which reach the culm can leaf to lodging of plants, unfilled panicles and death of tillers
Comments: Fungus survives in crop debris in soil after harvest; fruiting bodies are carried to the surface when fields are flooded where they then infect leaf sheaths at the water line
Management: Bury crop residue deeply in the soil after harvest; avoid excessive nitrogen fertilization; plant less susceptible rice varieties
Control: mix a slurry of 20 kg cow dung in 200 litres water.sieve the solution and mix with 50 litres water .spray the cow dung solution to control stem rot
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