Root knot nematode

Caused by: Meloidogyne spp.
Problem Category: Nematode
Symptoms: The characteristic symptom of root knot nematodes is the presence of galls on roots which can be up to 3.3 cm (1 in) in diameter but are usually smaller; galls cause a reduction in plant vigor; if the galls on the roots are extensive then plants may yellow and wilt, particularly in hot weather.
Comments: Galls can appear as quickly as a month prior to planting; nematodes prefer sandy soils and damage in areas of field or garden with this type of soil is most likely; disease can be a major problem if soils are infected with Meloidogyne sp. and resistant varieties are not used for production.
Management: Plant resistant varieties if nematodes are known to be present in the soil ;check roots of plants mid-season or sooner if symptoms indicate nematodes; solarizing soil can reduce nematode populations in the soil and levels of inoculum of many other pathogens.
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