Stinkbugs (Consperse stinkbug, etc.)

Caused by: Euschistus conspersus
Problem Category: Insect
Symptoms: Dark colored pinpricks on fruit surrounded by a lighter area that turns yellow or remains light green; stink bugs often carry pathogens in their mouthparts which can cause secondary infections and decay of fruit; adult insect is shield-shaped and brown or green in color; may have pink, red or yellow markings; eggs are drum shaped and laid in clusters on the leaves; larvae resemble the adults but are smaller.
Comments: Adult Insect overwinter under leaves, on legumes, blackberries or on certain weeds such as mustard or Russian thistle.
Management: Remove weeds around crop which may act as overwintering sites for stink bugs and practice good weed management throughout the year; organically accepted control methods include the use of insecticidal soaps, kaolin clay and preservation of natural enemies; chemical treatments are not recommended for tomatoes that are to be processed for paste or canning unless secondary infections with other pathogens are a concern.
Control: Spary the chiili garlic extract or 5% Neem seed kernal extract
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