Two-spotted spider mite

Caused by: Tetranychus urticae
Problem Category: Mites
Symptoms: Leaves stippled with yellow; leaves may appear bronzed; webbing covering leaves; mites may be visible as tiny moving dots on the webs or underside of leaves, best viewed using a hand lens; usually not spotted until there are visible symptoms on the plant; leaves turn yellow and may drop from plant.
Comments: Spider mites thrive in dusty conditions; water-stressed plants are more susceptible to attack.
Management: Spraying plants with a strong jet of water can help reduce buildup of spider mite populations; if mites become problematic apply insecticidal soap to plants; certain chemical insecticides may actually increase mite populations by killing off natural enemies and promoting mite reproduction.
Control: Install 8-10 sticky traps/acre or spray 5% Neem seed kernal extract solution to control mites
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