Verticillium wilt

Caused by: Verticillium spp.
Problem Category: Fungal Disease
Symptoms: Symptoms appear first on lower leaves and spread upwards; symptoms include yellow blotches on lower leaves, rapid yellowing and the edges of leaves rolling inward; leaves on severely infested rats turn brown and dry
Comments: Can survive in soil indefinitely; disease has a broad host range; emergence is favored by cool temperatures
Management: Plant resistant varieties; sanitize all equipment on a regular basis; rotate with non-susceptible crops; fumigation of soil can reduce levels of inoculum; solarizing soil is also effective but must be done in the middle of summer when the eggplants are usually grown
Control: spray 5% cowurine +ipomea solution. or Fermented buttermilk 6litre in 100 litre water to control fungal diseases.
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