Yellow Vein Mosaic

Caused by: Bhendi Yellow Vein Virus (BYVMV)
Problem Category: Viral Disease
Symptoms: The infected leaves shows alternate patches of green and yellow. Veins become clear and chlorotic. With the progress of disease the veins become conspicuous and both vein and vein lets become thick. In advance stage the stems and leaf stalk become distorted. Fruits are yellowish green in color and small in size.
Comments: Transmitted by white fly Bemisia tabaci. It causes huge loss if disease occur at early stage of crop.
Management: Use resistant cultivars. Sow disease free certified seeds. Roughing of infected plants. Follow crop rotation. Keep the field free from weeds. Control vector with suitable insecticides.
Control: spray sontipala kashyam + tulasi-kalabanda kashyam or 10% cowurine solution to control some extent
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