American bollworm

Caused by: Helicoverpa zea
Problem Category: Insect
Symptoms: Holes chewed in bases of bolls and insect frass around holes;oung caterpillars are cream-white in color with a black head and black hairs; older larvae may be yellow-green to almost black in color with fine white lines along their body and black spots at the base of hairs; eggs are laid singly on both upper and lower leaf surfaces and are initially creamy white but develop a brown-red ring after 24 hours and darken prior to hatching.
Comments: Adult insect is a pale green to tan, medium sized moth; insect is also very damaging pests of corn; insect overwinters as pupae in the soil.
Management: Monitor plants for eggs and young larvae and also natural enemies that could be damaged by chemicals; Bacillus thuringiensis or Entrust SC may be applied to control Insect on organically grown plants; appropriate chemical treatment may be required for control in commercial. plantations.
Control: spray sithaphal kashyam or thuteru leaves kashyam( mix 1kg of leaves in 10 litres water and boil upto the solution becomes 2.5 litres.mix with 200 litres water and spray the kashyam) (
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