Caused by: Aphis craccivora
Problem Category: Insect
Symptoms: Deformed leaves and shoots; curled leaves; if infestation is severe then plants may be killed; seed fill and yield may be reduced; aphids secrete a sticky, sugary substance called honeydew which encourages the growth of sooty mold on the plants; adult insect is small and soft bodied and is easily distinguished from other aphids by its shiny-black color
Comments: Black aphids can cause severe damage when infestation is high but more commonly cause problems in chickpea crops through the transmission of several plant viruses
Management: Plants should be monitored for signs of aphids; if Insect are present then control measures should be implemented; some chickpea cultivars are more susceptible to aphid infestation than others - cultivars with a low density of trichomes (leaf hairs) are more susceptible than others;cultural control methods include early planting which promotes early closure of the plant canopy and reduced the spread of viruses; aphid infestations tend to be worse when broad plant spacing is employed
Control: Install 8-10 sticky traps/acre ,spray 5% Neem seed kernal extract solution to control aphids
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