Bacterial canker

Caused by: Clavibacter michiganensis
Problem Category: Bacterial Disease
Symptoms: Bacterial canker can affect tomato plants of any age, seedlings may be killed quickly once they become infected; initial symptoms of bacterial canker is the unilateral wilting of plants and formation of light colored streaks up and down the outside of the leaf midrib, petiole and stem; streaks on stems may break open to form cankers; mature leaves develop small necrotic spots on the upper leaf surfaces or small raised white spots on the leaves; white spots develop on fruit, usually while they are still green; spots on fruit develop a raised dark center and are known as "bird's eye spots"
Comments: Can cause serious crop losses
Management: Plant only certified seed and transplants; hot water treatment of seed to remove bacteria; rotate crops with non-host plants; turn crops into soil after harvest to promote decomposition
Control: spary cow dung solution to control the Bacterial canker
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