Bacterial wilt

Caused by: Ralstonia solanacearum
Problem Category: Bacterial Disease
Symptoms: Initial symptoms of the disease is the wilting of a few of the youngest leaves; the disease progresses rapidly in hot weather and the entire plant wilts suddenly and dies; in cooler conditions, wilting is less rapid and plant may produce roots on the stems; vascular tissue shows a brown discoloration and decaying roots; stems cut under water will ooze bacterial exudate and will confirm the symptoms are not caused by Fusarium wilt.
Comments: Bacterial wilt can cause complete destruction of the crop under conditions suitable for the spread of the soil-borne bacterium; disease causes serious losses in tomatoes grown in tropical and subtropical regions.
Management: Cultural practices may help to reduce incidence of the disease, rotate tomato with other, non-susceptible crops; avoid over-watering plants.
Control: mix 10gm Asafoetida in 1 litre water and dip the seedlings to control the Bacterial wilt
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