Tomato spotted wilt

Caused by: Tomato spotted wilt virus (TSWV)
Problem Category: Viral disease
Symptoms: Infected plants exhibit bronzing or purpling of the upper sides of young leaves and develop necrotic spots; leaf spots may resemble those caused by bacterial spot, but a bacterial ooze test will be negative; leaves may cup downwards, shoot tips may begin to die back; symptoms on ripe fruit appear as chlorotic spots and blotches, often with concentric rings; ring spot symptoms vary with different tomato cultivars; irregular ripening caused by TSWV can also show up when fruit are treated with ethylene gas; green fruit may exhibit slightly raised areas with faint concentric zonation.
Comments: TSWV infects numerous ornamentals, vegetables, field crops and weeds; virus is vectored by at least eight species of thrips; thrips, acquires the virus during the larval stages,and transmit the virus when they are adults.
Management: Control populations of western flower thrips and onion thrips
Control: spray 5% cowurine +Asafoetida solution to control Tomato spotted wilt
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