Tomato Yellow Leaf Curl disease

Caused by: Tomato Yellow Leaf Curl Virus (TYLCV)
Problem Category: Viral disease
Symptoms: The infected leaves become reduced in size, curl upward, appear crumpled and show yellowing of veins and leaf margins. The internodes become shorter and whole plant appear stunted and bushy. The whole plant stand erect with only upright growth. The flowers may not develop and drop off.
Comments: The virus is transmitted by white flies and may cause 100 % yield loss if the plants infect at early stage of crop. The virus also infect other hosts like common bean, ornamental plants and several weed species.
Management: Grow available resistant varieties. Transplant only disease and whiteflies free seedlings. Remove the infected plants and burn them. Keep the field free from weeds. Use yellow sticky traps to monitor and control whiteflies.
Control: spray 2 times Cowdung+Asafoetida solution in 10 days interval.
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