Leaf Mold

Caused by: Passalora fulva
Problem Category: Fungal Disease
Symptoms: The older leaves exhibit pale greenish to yellow spots (without distinguishable margins) on upper surface. Whereas the lower portion of this spots exhibit green to brown velvety fungal growth. As the disease progress the spots may coalesce and appear brown. The infected leaves become wither and die but stay attached to the plant. The fungus also infects flowers and fruits. The affected flowers become black and drop off. The affected fruit intially shows smooth black irregular area on the stem end but later it becomes sunken, leathery and dry.
Comments: The disease is favored by high relative humidity. Also a common disease in green house tomato crop
Management: Grow available resistant varieties. Avoid leaf wetting and overhead application of water. Follow proper spacing to provide good air circulation around the plants. Remove the infected plant debris and burn them. If the disease is severe scary suitable fungicide.
Control: Mix 6 litres milk in 100 litres water in 10 days interval spray two times
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