Black mold

Caused by: Alternaria alternata
Problem Category: Fungal Disease
Symptoms: Disease causes the appearance of black or brown lesions on the surface of ripe fruit; lesions may be tiny flecks or may be large patches of decaying tissue; during periods of humid weather, the lesions may become covered in black, velvety spore masses.
Comments: Disease is found wherever tomatoes are grown; ripe fruit become increasingly susceptible to the fungus the longer they stay on the vine after ripenin
Management: Cultural control methods such as avoiding wetting the foliage when watering and harvesting fruits as soon as they are ripe can help to reduce the incidence of the disease; in areas where disease is a persistent problem, chemical control may be necessary with an appropriate fungicide; fungicide is usually applied 4-6 weeks prior to the first anticipated fruit harvest.
Control: Mix 6 litres milk in 100 litres water in 10 days interval spray two times
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