Gray mold

Caused by: Botrytis cinerea
Problem Category: Fungal Disease
Symptoms: Disease appears on tomato seedlings at or just below the soil line as a fuzzy gray-brown lesion which often girdles the stem, if stem is girdled all parts of the plant above the lesion begin to wilt; infected flowers and calyxes become covered in gray spores; unripe fruit turns light brown or gray in color and rots; green fruit infected by airborne spores develop circular white rings called “ghost spots”.
Comments: Gray mold is usually associated with wounds on plants; can develop in relatively cool conditions.
Management: Liming soil to increase calcium content can help to reduce plant susceptibility to gray mold; application of appropriate fungicide prior to formation of dense canopy.
Control: Mix 6 litres milk in 100 litres water in 10 days interval spray two times
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