Fusarium wilt

Caused by: Fusarium oxysporum
Problem Category: Fungal Disease
Symptoms: Symptoms of Fusarium wilt may first appear as yellowing and wilting of leaves on one side of the leaf midrib or plant; one-sided symptoms are caused by a blockage in the vascular system supplying the symptomatic side of the plant; as the disease progresses, older leaves become necrotic and the plant begins to wilt; fruit on infected plants is smaller and yield is reduced; damage to leaves makes fruit susceptible to sunscald; stem symptoms may be mistaken for bacterial wilt but a bacterial ooze test will be negative; stem tissue becomes discolored brown
Comments: Disease emergence favors warm, moist soil Fusarium wilt is not a major issue in tomato production, however, the disease can still cause minor losses
Management: Plant resistant varieties; sanitize all equipment regularly; control root knot nematodes; rotate crops away from tomato for several years
Control: spray Buttermilk or Asafoetida solution to control the Fuasrium wilt
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