Verticillium wilt

Caused by: Verticillium spp.
Problem Category: Fungal Disease
Symptoms: Chlorosis of leaf margins; curling leaves; loss of leaf turgor; plants wilt and become stunted as the disease progresses; plants wilt rapidly during periods of water stress; vascular system becomes dicolored.
Comments: Fungus can survive in the soil for several years; disease is spread to uninfested fields by movement of infested soil or contaminated tools and machinery; there are no peanut varieties known to have resistance to the disease.
Management: Irrigate plants frequently to reduce wilting of infected plants and allow them to reach maturity; eliminate weeds int he plantation which may allow inoculum to build up in the soil; remove and destroy infected crop residue after harvest to reduce inoculum in the field.
Control: spray 10% cow urine+Asafoetida solution to control the verticilium wilt
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