Bacterial leaf streak

Caused by: Xanthomonas oryzae
Problem Category: Bacterial Disease
Symptoms: Small, water-soaked streaks between leaf veins which are initially dark green and then turn translucent; streaks grow larger, coalesce and turn light brown in color; tiny beads of yellow colored bacterial exudate are common on the surface of the streaks; leaves turn brown and then gray-white in color before they die
Comments: Bacteria survive on infected seed and straw; bacteria may enter the plant through wounds; bacterial exudate can be spread in irrigation water; emergence of the disease is favored by high humidity and high temperatures; bacterial leaf streak is widespread in tropical Asia and West Africa
Management: Control of bacterial leaf streak is dependent on the use of resistant rice varieties and on planting of treated seed
Control: mix a slurry of 20 kg cow dung in 200 litres water.sieve the solution and mix with 50 litres water .spray the cow dung solution to control bacterial leaf streak
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