Blossom-end rot

Caused by: Calcium deficiency
Problem Category: Physiological disorder
Symptoms: Small water-soaked area on end of fruit where the blossom was occurring on unripe fruit; lesion enlarges and turns sunken, black and leathery in appearance.
Comments: Caused by low calcium concentration in fruit; may result from competition from other competitive ions in soil e.g. potassium, drought stress; fluctuations in soil moisture or application of excessive amounts of nitrogen fertilizer which promotes rapid vegetative growth.
Management: Maintain soil pH at 6.5; lime soil to increase the concentration of calcium in soil and decrease competition with other ions; use mulch to reduce drought stress; avoid ammonium fertilizers as they may increase competition with calcium by increasing ammonium ions in soil, use nitrate instead; avoid over fertilizing.
Control: Spray 10% cow urine+Asafoetida solution to control Blossom end rot
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