Cercospora leaf spot

Caused by: Cercospora melongenae
Problem Category: Fungal Disease
Symptoms: Symptoms appear first on lower part of plant and move upwards; initial symptoms are small circular or oval chlorotic spots on leaves which develop light to dark brown centers; as the lesions expand, they may develop concentric zones; severely infested leaves may dry out and curl then drop from the plant.
Comments: Fungus can survive over winter on crop debris in soil.
Management: Irrigate plants in the morning to allow plenty time for plants to dry out during the day; irrigate at base of plant to avoid leaf wetness; use adequate plant spacings to decrease humidity in the plant canopy; applications of appropriate protective fungicides can protect plants from disease.
Control: spray 5% cowurine +ipomea solution. or Fermented buttermilk 6litre in 100 litre water to control fungal diseases.
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