Phomopsis fruit rot

Caused by: Phomopsis vexans
Problem Category: Fungal Disease
Symptoms: Circular brown spots with lighter centers on fruits; infested leaves may turn yellow and drop from plant; dark cankers may form on stems; symptoms on fruit begin as pale sunken areas which are oval in shape, these area grow bigger and become depressed; lesions may coalesce to cover all or most of the fruit
Comments: Fungus survives in crop debris in the soil; emergence of the disease if favored by hot, humid weather conditions; fungus spreads primarily by splashing water
Management: Destroy infected plant material to reduce levels of inoculum; plant only disease free seed and clean transplants; applications of Vavili kashayam can control the disease
Control: spray 5% cowurine +ipomea solution. or Fermented buttermilk 6litre in 100 litre water to control fungal diseases.
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